Electric Bikes are evolving, so does Ariel Rider Ebikes.
2016 has been a rocky road for us, nonetheless a successful one.
We’ve been pleased to meet many of you fans out there, especially at Eurobike, Interbike and several other expos.
We’ve been lucky enough to show all of you what we’re passionate enough and share great memories with those who share the same passion with us.

We’ve designed and manufactured some great models in 2015-2016 season, however, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement.
Below you shall find a short review we did with Court Rye from Electric Bike Review;


Below you shall find some pointers about our 2017 model ebikes

  • You can expect a whole new polished C-Class from us.
    Some of the concerns from the US side was how we don’t have a 500W version of these ebikes, well, now we do!
  • Our iconic N-Class got a small facelift, changing small bits and pieces, but mostly under the hood to give you the best performance on a cruiser ebike.
  • One of the other concerns about our models is how we don’t have a low frame of our cruiser ebikes for those of you who wants an easier get on/off. We’ve listened to you on this as well. Our W-Class now comes in a lower frame which is 5 inches lower than the original model.
  • On top of all these news, you can expect new groovy colors from us. We sincerely think that ebikes should be personal, not another white or black ebike on the street.
  • One of the biggest news is our C-Class and N-Class now comes in central motor options.
    For our central motors, we’ve partnered with famous German motor manufacturer; Brose.
    Their mid-drive motor systems provide an incredibly smooth and high performance ride.
  • New battery options in all models, so now you can opt for a higher amp battery.
  • Last but not least, we’re going to be releasing world’s longest range battery on our W-250 ebikes.
    Our new 24.5 Ah battery pack (developed in partnership with Panasonic) provides a whopping 200km+ range on a single charge!
    That’s an industry first!


We’ll make sure to keep our website up to date about these new models.
Until then, please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.