Ariel Rider review; don’t take our word for it, listen what long time or new Ariel Rider Ebike riders have to say about us.

This time, we’re introducing Ron, he owns an early 2015 model Ariel Rider which no longer in production, and did a whopping 2300 kms so far in the past 9 months!

He’s living in oil-driven Dubai and make a whopping 2300kms so far!

  • Can you introduce yourself briefly (where you from, what you do etc.,)
    I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and have been living in Dubai for 1.5 years. I am a Science Teacher at a local private elementary school.Ariel Rider Review.
  • Why you choose to cycle in your daily commute?
    As soon as I started, I was forced to take the bus to work. I live on the border of Dubai and Sharjah, near Al Mamzar Beach… the traffic in the morning is horrendous and so i was planning out a way to get to work faster rather than the 45 min to 1 hour bus commute for 10 kms. I bought two bikes before yours but as the spring approached it was getting really hot so i started to look at E-bikes. My students see me ride to work everyday. They know why I do it. There’s too much traffic in Dubai. I get exercise.  It’s good for the Environment.Ariel Rider Review.
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    Ariel Rider Review.
  • Why did you chose Ariel Rider in the first place?
    I originally choose Fuji. I picked up an orange single-speed that reminded me of a bike i owned in Canada. Then, I bought another Fuji, a 29nr, MTB… awesome. but as the temps rose i found myself looking at E-bikes. Your picture and company came up and i knew it would be an inevitable match.Ariel Rider Review.
    Ariel Rider Review.
  • Are you happy with your decision?
    I am but the front suspension issues caused me a bit of alarm in the beginning. Which was all solved in the end, it looks cool and with tire inflation slightly under the regular levels i get the cushion i need while riding.Ariel Rider Review.

    Ariel Rider Review.
  • What have you modified on your bike so far and why? Modifications?
    It’s a 100 lb workhorse of a bike. So i put on a rear rack that carries my saddle bags in which i fill with work material or beach material. I have  replaced the stem to an adjustable one and cranked it into higher riding position for a guy that is 6’4. I have bungeed on some JBL speakers to the handle bars so i can ride with full music sound-system. Lastly, or firstly, i changed the tires that came with the bike to Fat-Bobs, so that i can get a top speed of 46 km/h.Ariel Rider Review.
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  • How long have you been riding your Ariel Rider, are you happy with it?Ariel Rider Review.
    Yes, I am happy. 2300kms later.Ariel Rider Review.

    Ariel Rider Review.
  • Are there any unforgettable moments you’ve faced with your ebike?Ariel Rider Review.
    I pull up to a street light and a guy in a Ferrari asks me if I am riding a Harley. Also, took a corner at about 35 km/h, front tire skids out, i put my right foot down. Bike skids ten feet or so in to oncoming traffic, regain control and ride on…. too much sand on the road eh? Ariel Rider Review.
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  • Would you consider purchasing one of the 2016 model Ariel Rider Ebikes?
    The designs look ‘slicker’ but i like the balance and position of the battery in my model. For me, it’s all about weight distribution.Ariel Rider Review.

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