Bike Friendly Cities of the World – Part 2

Last week we started the ongoing series talking about bike friendly cities around the world. We wrote about such amazing destinations as Los Angeles, Shanghai and Dubai.

Here we go again! Our second article will cover the beautiful cities of Lisbon, Madrid & San Francisco



The city sits on the Tagus River as it flows westward into the Atlantic Ocean near the most western point of the European continent, on the Iberian Peninsula. It is built upward of the river on quite steep terrain.

The best way to explore the biggest and main capital of Portugal is by bike. This city is packed full of art and culture with its many centuries of history. Hours can be spent on the bicycle witnessing the surrounding impressive buildings and authentic flair. Furthermore, with its amazing climate and an annual average temperature of 21.5 °C the bike can be used almost all year long.


Although we call Lisbon a bike friendly place, cobblestone roads remain dominant throughout the cities roads. No need to explain to an experienced rider, that not every bike can handle riding those roads. However, Ariel Rider has a special line for Ebike lovers there featuring our more shock resistant forks, which allows enjoy amazing views in comfort.


In Lisbon you can visit many attractive places like the Alfama neighborhood and its Sao Jorge castle, the Avenida Ribeira where many of the 16 century ships were built or the Mercado da Ribeira, the biggest food market.


San Francisco

San Francisco has quickly peddled back into the front of the pack among bicycle-friendly U.S. cities, regaining the ground it lost during a four-year court injunction against new bike projects that was partially lifted in November 2009 and completely ended in June 2010.

Since then, the streets of San Francisco have been transformed as the city completed 19 long overdue bike projects, including 11 miles of new bike lanes, 40 miles of “sharrow” shared lane markings, and hundreds of new bike racks. The city’s first physically separated green bike lanes on Market Street are now being extended, and new ones are being added on Alemany and Laguna Honda boulevards.

With the mild climate, thriving bike culture and bike lanes criss-crossing every neighborhood, riding a bike is by far the greatest and most fun way to explore the city.



San Francisco is famous for being hilly and riding can be an exhausting effort here. Happily, Ariel Rider Ebikes are electric and perhaps this is one location in the world where Ebikes are truly essential  to getting around in comfort and style.

According to the biggest number of riders in the area, there is no better spot for you than the Wiggles, which starts in Duboce Triangle and winds all the way up to thePanhandle. If you were looking for the best, least hilly crosstown route just follow the bright green sharrows, or the hundreds of other bike riders.



Far from being comparable to well-known riders’ cities as such as Amsterdam or Berlin, Madrid is now on the way of a fast transition towards becoming bike-friendly.

In recent years, infrastructure  bike lanes have appeared on main streets such as calle Alcalá and calle Mayor, Madrid’s public bike system is fully up and running.


Locals claim that there is no other city like Madrid, it is magnificent and modern, charming and beautiful.

Ariel Rider Ebikes powerful electric motors will help to give you that extra push to get up around those steeps hills around the city, making sure you don’t break a sweat on your weekend tour or daily commute. This also means that you can see Madrid’s most emblematic buildings, plazas, parks and river all in one day, on two wheels.

Here is the map with the best cycle route in the capital of Spain:


Claim the Road Ahead in one of these amazing cities and experience them like you never have before on an Ariel Rider Ebike.
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