After years of xtreme sports and lightweight bike enthusiasts dominating the cycling world, where biking was about a race to get to a destination fast versus a way to spend time, a new, more conscious approach to biking began to creep in.  People longed for a return of leisurely bike rides that weren’t as much about getting somewhere as going somewhere.  How can you enjoy the scenery when you are speeding past it? This was the beginning of a new craze of retro-styled leisure bikes.  Even fashion blogs dedicated to biking have cropped up to demonstrate that the time for leisurely rides through a park, city, or countryside has returned.  Where there is fashion, there is a solid fan base.

There is no getting around the fact that retro style bikes have returned in a big way.  However, there are improvements to the old bike styles.  Today people want a bike that looks curvy and romantic, but also has features (everyone today loves features) that are fresh and funky. 

Electric bikes, for example, are perfect for people who are active users of the bike or live in areas with hills or tough climbs.  It gives people both the incentive to get better at cycling while also enabling the ride to be enjoyable and without the stress that many feel when approaching hills.

Electric Bike - Ariel Rider W-500 Premium black in San francisco in front of Golden gate bridge

As far as carrying items, newer “pretty” bikes are being made with swanky accessories like bamboo baskets capable of carrying larger loads than your grandparent’s basket, or amenities like cup holders so you can take your coffee or tea along with you.  This is not only nice to have but—let’s face it—looks good, too.

And speaking of looks, we know that people like to change up their styles every so often and have created a line of bikes with covers that can be changed seasonally or just whenever you feel like it.  This allows people options and will also increase the longevity of the bike as people are less apt to trade in their bike if they can upgrade or change it somewhat.

Our customers are not usually the type to ride their bike off an airplane with a parachute attached—not that there is anything wrong with that—but they are the type of people who enjoy life’s tiny pleasures: a perfect sunset, a hot cup of Joe, a straw hat, or a cloudy day.  We make ebikes for people who love to be out on it, and people who love to look good while doing it.

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