Sure crowdfunding sites are full of electric bike examples and they seem to be all the hype nowadays, but can we really adapt it to our daily lives?

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Most of us own a gym membership; for the right reasons or not. But at the end of the day, when you go to any of those big bucks gym chains, first thing you’ll realize is how much bigger is the parking lot compared to the building. Be your goal is to just burn calories or simply getting shredded with your workout, what science has thought us is that;

  1. We all need to warm up and cool down our bodies before we hit it hard at gym in order to avoid injuries.
  2. We all need cardio!


Warming up and cooling down has many benefits. The main benefit to warming up is injury prevention because the blood will be pumping to an area, lowering the chance of a muscle pull or joint injury. Warming up isn’t just a safety precaution though – it also has positive effects on a bodybuilder because after a warm-up, strength and focus should be peaked for your workout. Warming up has many physical and mental benefits.

Whereas cardio has benefits like; increasing your metabolism (remember the last time you ate a giant burger and didn’t feel guilty?), improved heart health, improved hormonal profile, improved recovery ability and last but not least management of diabetes. So it’s not something that’s only recommended when you’re in your 20’s or 50’s. It’s something you must do as long as you breath!

Let’s face it, if you’re not living in real suburbs, there’s a gym probably 15 mins driving distance from you and most of this 15 minutes is spent in red lights or stop signs, even longer if you’re making a pre workout caffeine-pit stop at nearest Starbucks. With the time you spend preparing your gym bag, commuting to gym etc., it often takes about 45-60 minutes before you even start warming up. Not to mention the fuel you’re consuming with your car! Depending on how you workout, an average workout including cardio takes about another hour from your day.

“That makes 2 hours of your day just for workout!
When was the last time you had 2 hours
just for yourself especially in a workday???”

To summarize; you’re basically wasting time and resources, most times skipping warm up and cool down sessions and/or your cardio exercises which are vital for a healthy lifestyle, in order to cut the time you spend at gym. Inevitably inviting muscle soreness, injuries, and many other things.

Cycling is the easiest way to warm up for any level gym goer. That min 15 min commute is still around 15-20 minutes, you get to skip warm up and cool down sessions (and even your cardio session) and get on the fun stuff(!) as you’re already doing it on your commute and you’re not using any fossil fuel!

Not all cities are created the same, and especially after an intense leg work out it’s not fun to cycle hard with all that lactic acid in your muscles causing muscle fatigue! Why not go with an electric bike? An electric bike will assist you on the hills, help you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike while having the same exercise and you won’t be using any fossil fuels. Because, umm, obviously it’s and ELECTRIC bike.

“Get an electric bike”

If you don’t trust yourself not to use the throttle on your electric bike, you can opt for our 250W version electric bike which actually doesn’t have a throttle control but senses the force you’re applying on the pedal and giving gas accordingly, so you’ll have to put an effort into your commute by an electric bike. And you can adjust it depending on how intense your warm up or cool down to be.

But if you’re looking for a faster and bolder electric bike, our 500W electric bike is not only the fastest 500W electric bike in the market but also provides two types of control: pedal sensor or throttle control. You can simply just not use the throttle on your electric bike and start pedaling, the speed sensors in the cranks will read the speed of your pedals and gives gas to your electric bike accordingly.

I hope I managed to address the absurdity of going to gym by car. And don’t make excuses like “I can’t carry my gym bag on a bike”, there are plenty of great bags which you can carry on your shoulder while riding your bike, not to mention there are a ton of bike rack options out there, which will carry any load you want. Or simply opt for our C-Class electric bike which can carry your bags on it’s bamboo front rack, your pre- workout shake in it’s coffee cup holder, and your kids or friends in it’s innovative rear rack (which can carry loads up to 280 lbs).

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