Here at Ariel Rider Ebikes, we’re very enthusiastic about convincing people to switch to an ebike from their cars.
That being in mind, we have this new initiative, where we ask our riders to use their ebikes once a week on Monday mornings, snap a photo and send it to us. We’ll post selected photo on Instagram and Facebook every Monday and if you get over 50 likes in 24 hours, we send you a custom Ariel Rider Ebikes branded hoodie!

Most of our riders who have tried to switch to an ebike for only Monday morning commutes, tells us that that their Monday blued are completely gone when they ride their ebike to work.

Monday morning commutes just got a little bit better. #commuter #coffee #togo #mondayblues #costacoffee #ebike

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Are you ready to switch your car once a week to an ebike?

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