Meet Alexander who got to did an ebike review of our N-500 Premium.
This great gentleman is a lawyer from Chicago and living in the very downtown of LA.
Before his test ride with Ariel Rider Ebike, he has never actually tried an ebikes before and he’s not much of a bicycle rider anyway.

But that’s the challenge we’d like to take.
Getting on an Ariel Rider Ebike and not smiling is about impossible, we dare you!

One of the many questions we get is, “I’m 6’2″, would I fit to your ebikes?”, I think this video will demonstrate how comfortable you can ride an Ariel Rider ebike despite your height.

Do you want to be featured in our next ebike review video?

Allow us to put a smile on your face too, convince you to switch to an ebike no matter if you’re living in the suburbs or metropoles.
Send us an email at to arrange a test ride.


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