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Addressing daily commuters' needs with the perfect combination an electric city bike and cargo bike.

Finally an electric city bike which does not only ride as good as it looks, but also can outweigh many cargo bikes in the market. Our design team spent long times on drawing board in order to not only meet but exceed the daily needs of modern day riders. The result of this meticulous design phase is our new C Class, where C stands for City and Cargo. C Class will eliminate all the excuses not to use a bike for daily commuting.

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    Power On Demand:

    While designing new Ariel Rider Ebikes, we wanted make riding an electric bike a joy, without compromising on the feeling on cycling as in other electric bikes. That’s why we’ve developed -patent pending- POD system.
    What it does is pretty amazing; it measures how much force you’re applying on the pedals, while checking the terrain conditions and rider’s weight and gives the optimal power you need for an unparalleled riding experience on your C Class city bike. With this new POD technology you’ll never have to compromise from the joy of riding a bicycle while cruising around town in ease. What else can you ask for on a city bike which can simply out do any cargo bike?

    Read more about our POD system technology here.

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    Bamboo Front Career
 for city bikes

    When we were thinking about a front basket for C Class, we didn’t want to increase the weight of the bike and wanted to use a sustainable material. What a better material than bamboo which is a fast growing natural resource, whose rate of biomass generation is unsurpassed in the plant kingdom. We’ve coated these beautiful bamboo baskets with eco-friendly polish to make them weather-proof as well!

    C Class front rack has two bungee ropes with different places to attach them in order to hold any size of your cargo load safe. We even crowned this rack with a cup holder for your favorite coffee for your morning commute with your electric bike. As we’ve mentioned, this electric city bike is designed for your city life needs by people who live in one of the busiest cities in the world.

    While we don’t recommend to carry anything above 33 pounds(15kg), we’ve tested this frame for carrying loads up to 77lbs (35kg) on the front rack and it handled the task pretty well.

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    City life is like no other. Often times we have to pack our gym bag, work bag in the morning and carry them with us all day. Perhaps a quick stop at your local grocery store or even pizza place to grab your last minute dinner on your way home. Your electric city bike should have the space to carry all of your daily life necessities without the unappealing looks of a cargo bike.

    While we were designing C Class, we shaped our design around real problems of real people.

    C Class’ rear rack is embedded to the frame just as front rack. So you don’t have to worry about how heavy your baggage is. This uni-design frame allows riders to carry up to 297lbs/135kg rear loads, which makes it a hardworking cargo bike without compromising from it’s sleek city bike looks. Snap-on accessories such as rear seat, rear rack bags and rear child seat are available.

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    Ariel Rider Plush Commuter

    After many years of research among our users, we were finally able to gather what’s actually needed to make a commute better than ever; a great saddle! The requirements we gathered from seasoned bike commuters were mind blowing; wide enough to sit comfortably but not too wide to effect pedaling, sweat free, weather resistant, elegant and sleek enough to impress everyone… On all of our Comfort Class, you’ll find Ariel Rider Plush Commuter Saddles standard.

    The saddles with spring suspension are made for long distance riding, giving more comfort to the user. The springs works great in filtering the heavy shocks and vibrations, without losing the advantage of having a harder saddle top.

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    Ariel Rider Plus Grips for C Class

    Riding a bicycle is more than just pedaling, it’s the whole experience. How the saddle feels when you sit on it, how the frame finishing feels when you touch it, how easy it is to read the screen and so on.


    When it comes to handlebar-grips, it’s the single most used part of a bike. Your hands are constantly on them in order to direct your C Class properly. They shouldn’t be slippery, but also they shouldn’t allow your hands to glide on it. It should be sweat-resistant and soft enough to make holding them a joy! That’s why we’ve designed these custom plush handlebar grips. They’re everything you’re asking for and more.

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    The wave-shaped frame is inspired by nature itself on C Class. We wanted to create a frame which will fit everyone’s daily needs in the utmost style and comfort. The position of the handlebar, saddle and the pedals will determine if you will sit upright like royalty.

    The upright position is the best for city commuting for several reasons, it allows you to ride your city bike fast enough (with the help of our high performance motor), while being able to effortlessly reach your custom cup holder to get a sip of your coffee.

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    High powered Spaninga front lights

    Together with Spaninga we have developed new line of lighting system that enables you to make yourself seen, while at the same time lighting the road around you. The front light delivers an astonishing 20 lux, which is roughly the same as most motorized vehicles, suitable for a confident ride in any dark alley.
    The light is powered by the actual battery of your ebike, so that you don’t have to worry about changing the AA batteries or deal with easily-broken dynamo-systems as in other bicycle lights. Simply turn on the lights by the switch next to your screen, and the lights will do their job.

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    High powered Spaninga rear-lights

    Considering most of the bike accidents happen after dark and rear-end collusions, we want our riders to be safe and sound when they reach to their destination. Visibility is the key for safety when it comes to riding your ebike, especially in the city.

    Powered from the actual bike battery, this rear light turns on with an easy press on a button and has 2 functions; either blinks or constantly on.

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    250w rear hub motor

    Our 250W motors have highest in class torque 35Nm and an astonishing 38km/hr top speed*. All motors are carefully manufactured with high Japanese technology. Custom gearing with special high Grade magnets will create extremely high power when you need.

    So whether you’re going uphill, downhill on the flat, the sensors on your electric bike will recognize the terrain conditions, your weight, the amount of force you’re putting on the pedals and takes the sweat out of urban commuting, getting you around town more comfortably than ever, in the most unique way every designed.

    500W rear hub motor

    May it be on a race track or a bike lane, there’s one thing us cycling enthusiasts cannot say no; SPEED. With an astonishing max speed of 49km/hr and an incredible acceleration capabilities -all thanks to highest in class torque(45Nm), you’ll never need your car ever again.

    This motor is equipped with a twist-throttle on the right-side of your handlebar, and an additional Pedal Assist System. So you can enjoy riding an Electric bike with Pedal Assist Mode, while cruising on high speeds without breaking a swear. You can also just use it as a traditional motorcycle without pedaling.

    *where it’s legally allowed

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    Avid BB7 Disc Brakes

    Need we say more? Avid BB7 disc brakes are praised as the best mechanical disc brakes in the world. So when you’re getting an Ariel Rider Ebike, you can be sure that only the best have been used on your electric city bike.

    They’re clean, light, and low on maintenance and can be used on every road and in every weather condition.
    Have we mentioned that they’re the easiest to adjust as well?
    So, you don’t need to go to a repair shop for calibration.

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    7-Speed Shimano Altus

    Amazing Altus rear derailleur offering crisp performance on- and off-road for 7-speed drivetrains. We know we’re building you an electric bike, but we didn’t want to take away cycling enthusiasts who wants to turn off the motor every now and then and ride their city bike in a conventional way.


    • Advanced light action design with low friction fluorine coated link pivot bushings
    • Top-normal swing design
    • Double Servo-Panta technology for smooth & light action shifting performance
    • Wide Link structure for more durability, rigidity and precise shifting.

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    CST Metropolitan Palm Bay

    Tires on your electric city Bbke should be able to absorb small bumps on the road to give you the optimal riding experience. The CST Metropolitan Palm Bay bicycle tire features a unique tread design that will keep your ride both smooth and stylish. Great for cruising the city or the boardwalk with your C Class, the Metropolitan Palm Bay offers APL reinforcement and a reflective sidewall for improved night visibility, yet another safety concern of us. All the tires we use have high puncture protection and are made from high quality rubber, to keep maintenance as low as possible.

    An electric city bike, which is designed for form and function.

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    The material we’ve selected for the frame of C Class is very high quality aluminum 6061 alloy. A bike frame has a lot of forces to work with, and we want ours to stay in great shape for its whole life. Every Ariel Rider Electric Bike frame is hand welded by the best skilled workers. After all the welding is done, and every possible measurement is performed, the frame gets a double heat treatment to make the aluminum even stronger from the inside out.

  • Specifications

    Suggested rider height



    Aluminum 6061


    Shimano Altus 7 speed gears


    Avid BB7 disc brakes


    20 lux, Spaninga front lights


    33 kg

    Riding position



    High torque, brushless 250W rear-hub motor

    Max Speed

    25 km/hr (Speed Limit)


    Samsung battery cells 36V11Ah rear rack battery



    Ariel Rider Plush

    Handlebar grips

    Hand-stitched soft leather


    Cell Balancing Charger




    Perfect City Commuter

    Jul 28th, 2016

    Greetings from Holland. Just wanted to say thank you!
    This has been the best electric assist bike I’ve ever tried and now finally I own one.

    Game Changer

    Jul 19th, 2016

    C Class simply changed my life! Thank you Ariel Rider.
    I’m a small business owner in Santa Monica and I hardly ever use my car anymore.
    This is an electric assist bike which allows me to carry all my daily deliveries with it. Enables me to be more active, and sparing me money since I don’t have to pay for parking or gas anymore.

    Mar 03rd, 2016

    We just made a move back home from Osaka, Japan. As a mom, one of the best things about living in Japan was the Mamachari bikes. Where I can just ride my bike with my kids and still had lots of place to store groceries.
    After moving back to Seattle, I was looking for an option to be my “mamachari” here in the US. Thank you Ariel Rider for making such a great ebike for moms like me out there.
    Great Comfort

    Sep 2nd, 2015

    This is what I needed for my daily commute! I live in Bay Area-San Francisco and I genuinely hate having to carry all my stuff in my backpack simply because of the sweat stains it leaves once I reach to office. Now I have space for everything on my ebike and the hills are a breeze. I strongly recommend it to anyone who also hates carrying lots of bags while they’re commuting with a bike/ebike.
    Coffee Holder!!!

    Sep 27th, 2015

    If you’re a coffee addict like I am, this C-Class is definitely for you! I love everything about this ebike but especially the front rack. It’s so versatile, where I can put all of my work stuff and there’s still a place to put my coffee cup!


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