Faster Ebike Hub Motor by Using Higher Voltage ?

We are getting questions about if we can increase our hub motor efficiency by using higher Voltage ? Or If we use a 60V, 72V or higher volt batteries in our 36V or 48V motor, can we go faster?

We will try to handle this question as simple as possible.

The answer is sometimes yes but with a lot of cost and risk .

There are ebike conversion kits in the online market where they offer batteries such as 60V or even 96V. What are the risks about them ?

  • In those battery packs, you will never be sure which cell is used in it . Claim Samsung but is it Samsung or proper Samsung cell for ebike.
  • Can’t be sure quality of BMS
  • Will have protocol communication problems between motor, controller, and screen.

But now let’s assume they are packed in a good way without any defects and battery you receive is in perfect condition.

If increasing power and efficiency was this easy by just increasing voltage most reliable e-bike companies or motor manufacturers won’t try this hard to increase performance by spending millions of $ for 10% power increase.

The motor which is used in your e-bike is wired to handle the certain voltage. And if you increase the voltage especially in huge amounts such as 60V or 72V it will create more current. In this way you can have a faster ebike.

Electric Bike Hub motor

Ariel Rider Ebike Hub Motor

Yes in this moment due to more current, you will get more torque. But there is other side of the coin. More current also means more heat. The result will be an overheated motor and in a short time you will end up with a burned motor which is out of warranty . No Ebike or Motor company will take responsibility for a damage caused in this way.

Let’s handle the subject in a little bit more technical way. Every motor is basically a generator, they create EMF and voltage. The created back EMF will match the voltage motor receives.

If you supply a higher voltage then the motor can’t match the Back EMF to input voltage. This will break the perfect balance. And its going to destroy things in your motor by time.

If you supply too much voltage, the load will keep motor reaching the certain speed and in this way, motor will try to suck more current from the battery.  At this time the extra sucked current will start to heat the wires and the motor. “Also it can let certain sensors such as Hall sensor to be burned too”.



Burned Hub Motor

Hub Motor Burned


There are better ways to have a faster ebike such as buying your ebike from companies who take things seriously in providing best for their clients. We at Ariel Rider spend so much effort in letting all parts of our ebikes working harmonious way.

  • Use a powerful Hub motor with a very sophisticated gearing system that can create very high torques.  (Our 250W models can create much higher torques compared to 90% of 500W ebikes in market)
  • Torque sensor (POD) which will give you extra boost when need it.
  • A good BMS system which can give extra current to motor when need it (but our controller always control it).

During testing our ebikes, we bypass speed limit to check the power of our W-class and reach this speed.

W-Class Ebike top speed

Top Speed of W-Class














In this way you can reach very high speeds and can use your bike without violating your warranty terms for long and long times