Lightweight aluminium frames mean freedom,
It means you don’t have to sweat your guts out when you turn off the electric assist motor of your ebike.
It means, when your electric motor is on, you won’t finish your battery as soon and save some very important juice for a longer ride.
It means that you can actually lift your bike upstairs without having your friends to help you out.
It means when you’re going uphill, even though you’re riding an ebike, your motor won’t stop (trust us, there are many ebike companies out there, which claims extreme uphill support, but as you reach to a solid 7, their motors are useless).

Difference between lightweight aluminium frames and steel frames:

What you lose in weight you gain in many other departments.  A light steel frame for a fixie is 3 to 3.5 pounds.
A SUPER light Aluminum frame is 2.5 pounds.  So we are talking about .5 to 1 pounds net difference.
This difference is important if your absolute 1st priority is building as light a bike as possible, you won’t choose steel.
If you want a very light bike that performs and rides to the highest quality standard, you will love a steel frame.

But we’re not talking about basic fixie frames.
Often times, ebike frames are much more comlex. Due to places to fix the battery, wider and stronger drop outs, more comfortable lower riding position, less vibration on the frames. These are all small bits of important stuff about an ebike frame, so when you make such a frame with steel, it usually weighs about 5 lbs heavier than the same design aluminium frames.
Now this 5 lbs is very crucial, otherwise, we’d love to use steel as well, because it’s about one third of the price of that aluminum.

As ebike designers at Ariel Rider we try to lessen the weight of the bike in every area we can.
Even if it means increasing our manufacturing cost, we’re fine with it. Because in the end, this is an ebike and we want our riders to have the maximum possible range on their ebikes and move their bikes around easy.


Did we mention that our #ebikes are very light as well?

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