Some things
simply won’t go
out of style

Electric Bike - Vintage design ebikes with great cratsmanship

A beautiful blend of the comfort of the classic beach cruisers, class of cafe racers and the robustness of old-school craftsmanship.

Electric Bike - Ariel Rider Ebike W-500 Premium black in wild
Electric Bike - Lightweight Ariel Rider Ebikes N-250 Comfort Black

Designed by the needs

We shape our products according to all of modern life needs of a commuter.

Electric Bike - Lightweight Ebikes

Coffee on the go?

You want to have your morning coffee during your commute?

We know! The struggle is real…

That’s why we’ve ingeniously carved a cup holder to hold your coffee during you pedal.

Electric City bike - Ariel Rider c250 step through coffee holder
Electric Bike - We try to use most sustainable and durable materials such as bamboo for our front racks
Electric Bike - Ariel Rider Ebikes make sure we apply the best welding in the market

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”
Johannes Brahms

Which is why we’re proud of our skillful team of welders, helping us shape our dreams.