Are you also stuck in traffic on your morning commute?
Especially that dreadful feeling on Monday morning commutes when your body still thinks it’s weekend but your brain knows it’s not…

See, we actually never have that feeling in our morning commute. The reason is, all of Ariel Rider ebikes team commutes by ebikes especially on Monday mornings. It’s a great way to kickstart the week, realise how beautiful your surroundings are. And we completely endorse everyone who wants to try commuting by an ebike on Monday mornings. We’ll lend you a bike for a day or two, pretty sure we can change your perspective on that dreadful Monday morning commute.

Our daily commutes are so much like life itself. Every morning, afternoon and evening, we’re traveling to our destinations. Our destinations are not just a hop, skip and a jump away. The commute takes great effort and a lot of patience.
I’ve always been told that nothing is easy in life, and that is something I often repeat to myself.
If I want to see results or accomplish a goal, I need to be patient and work my way through any obstacles that stand in my way.

The commute itself is plagued with so many metaphors for your journey in life, and I’ll break down all of them.
So why not make most of it and enjoy?
Next time you’re on the road, make the most of your commute. It may just take you to the next great journey of your life with an ebike.
Long Beach, CA has always been one of our favourite places to ride our ebikes.
Every Monday we’re featuring one of our rider’s morning commute photos.
Mondays are ebike commute days, just like any other day.

Morning Commute from Long Beach, CA

Electric bike - ariel rider ebikes n-500 premium beige in long beach

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