What can be more fascinating and entertaining than riding your Ariel Rider? Right! Riding when it’s spring! If you still have doubts if you should immediately go outside and ride or maybe stay at home with your favorite series and a cheesecake, just read our arguments below:


  1. Amazing weather
    From flowers blooming to leaves growing, spring is considered the season of rebirth. Just riding through a park with green grass and flowers makes you feel alive!
  2. Getting fit (summer is coming)
    Name one person who have never faced the problem of extra fat after long cold period full of warming but heavy food and holidays with delicious leftovers and guilty pleasures? We guess such a person doesn’t exist! And getting fit again is terrifying most of us, as it always comes along with a huge effort and sacrifice. But not this time! E-bike will give you the satisfying feeling of exercising without torturing (as gym and run track do).
  3. Get rid of vitamin deficiency
    Do you feel stressed depressed and exhausted? Get tired way too fast? You definitely need fresh air! Grab your Ariel Rider and go have fun outside in the refreshing spring green surroundings full of oxygen and vitamin D.
  4. Try new
    Spring is the best time to start new life, isn’t it? Participate in activities you never have before, meet people, try to step out of your comfort zone, and make sure  Ariel Rider is with you as a perfect companion.
  5. And finally, do not forget that Ariel Rider is a stylish and smart vehicle, which brings you joy itself.


So claim the road ahead!


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