Check out the Ariel Rider W-500 Premium ebike review of industry guru Court Rye. If you can’t view below, you can check here.

Ebike Review || W-500 Premium

Also you can check the full ebike review from here.

Some parts that he has highlighted that we loved reading:

  • Beautiful touch points on the Premium model. The saddle is large and comfortable but also has the Ariel Rider name on it in cursive which looks classy, same thing with the display. I love the wing logo on the top tube in gold and the custom leather grips tie in perfectly.
  • The W-Class model has a removable battery pack and quick release front wheel making it a lot easier to transport.
  • I’m a fan of the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes because they offer tool-free rotor adjustment. You can use your fingers to twist the little red discs to fine tune the calipers as your pads wear down.
  • Depending on where you live it’s wonderful to have full length fenders and the color matching on the Ariel Rider ebikes is spot on. The chain guard also matches and is a sort of custom thin guard which looks great
  • You get three color choices and all of them are sort of a matte satin finish that looks nice and more vintage. Those are red, black and beige.
  • I absolutely love the integrated LED lights. Also the tail light is wired in so it only lights up when you pull the brake levers
  • Nice display panel and control unit, it’s compact but the buttons are large and easy to reach without taking your hand of the left grip.
  • The controls default to 0-6 pedal assist and you can override with twist throttle at any level! This is awesome for people who want a more scooter-like experience, the cadence sensor uses 12 magnets making it pretty responsive.
  • The Ariel Rider W-Class uses a custom designed hydroformed Aluminum alloy frame that leverages a more standard “silverfish” style battery pack to bring the cost down. I think it looks great and appreciate that the wires are run through and even protected with plastic channels for the rear light.


Electric Bike - Court Rye ebike reviewIt was a pleasure meeting Court Rye, who has done so much to ebike industry by over 500 ebike reviews in past few years. Hope you enjoyed ebike review of our W-500 Premium model.

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