About Us

Hello, We are Ariel Rider.
Established 2013 – California.


Our purpose with Ariel Rider E-Bikes is to celebrate electric bikes as a mode of convenient transportation by creating models which contain better design and quality differentiating us from the rest. As cities become more and more congested by the day, we strongly believe that electric bicycles are an efficient and enjoyable venue through which busy professionals can release some stress as they travel to/from the office or just simply take a ride down the beach to release their daily stress.

Lightweight & Robust

6061 Al. Frames are all double heat treated for highest robustness in class. We take pride of our welding quality which can be seen by the uniformity of welding beams, thanks to our certified welders.


Innovative Japanese motor technology provide 48 /35 NM torque in 500/250 W motors. Our ebikes can reach max speed of 50 km/h (where legally allowed).

Stunning Craftmanship

We wouldn’t want our riders to ride an electric bike that we wouldn’t. From our skilled welders to stitchers for our leather accessories, attention to detail goes to every part of these ebikes.

Trip Computer

Track your current speed, the distance traveled and battery power. Additionally, smart screens doubles as a control panel where you can adjust pedal assist level, determine speed limit and switch the lights. Also advanced self diagnosis system will tell you if your eBike needs to be checked.

Durable Battery

Samsung Li-Ion batteries can provide up to 576 Wh power which enables long range trips and powerful acceleration. All our batteries have cell balancing technology and state of art BMS which protects battery against over or under-voltage, heating or other unexpected conditions.

Unparalleled Safety Measures

Standard Avid BB7 disc brakes, high road handling tires, high-lux LED front lights, industry-first rear brake lights and so on. Safety is our main concern, so we make sure you’re ready for unpleasant and unexpected situations arising on the road.

Think green. 

Choose eco-conscious transportation.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

-Johannes Brahms

You want to have your morning coffee during your commute? We know! The struggle is real… That’s why we’ve ingeniously carved a cup holder to hold your coffee during you pedal.

When you purchase a Ariel Rider eBike, you’ll appreciate the comfort of an prominent two year warranty.



Designed By The Needs

We shape our products according to all of modern life needs of a commuter. Cyclists can move around the city smarter than ever.


Unique Design

Enjoy beautiful blend of the comfort of the classic beach cruisers, class of cafe racers and the robustness of old-school craftsmanship.



According to Translink’s “Cycling For Everyone report, e-bikes are much faster than cars for trips under 5 km.


Zero Emission

A typical vehicle owner emits about 4.7 metric tons of CO2 per year. Abandon your vehicle today and make the world a better place.



According to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise research with 1,500 subjects; daily cyclists are 31-percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.



Compared to owning a car; eBikes are much more affordable to purchase, maintain, park and repair.

Today with distribution in 26 countries and one of the only ebike companies with “Green Business Seal”, we’re trying to make a difference in this world, while innovating new technologies and designing according to our riders’ needs.

Arda Önal
C.E.O & Founder

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