E-lux Sierra Review and Comparison

E lux Sierra electric folding bike costs $1599 and for the same price you can buy a “mid-drive” electric bike which even has hydraulic brakes and bigger battery?

You read it right. We will compare E lux Sierra with Ariel Rider M-Class both are priced at $1599.

You can check here where we compare E lux Sierra vs Ariel Rider M Class.



Ariel Rider is the best value electric bike in the market which is approved by many independent test and electricbikereview sites. Below let’s compare Ariel Rider electric bike specifications and E LUX Sierra electric folding bike.

E Lux Sierra folding bike
Motor Type
Mid Drive MotorHub Motor
Motor BrandDapu - Japan8fun - China
Motor Power500 W500W
Motor Torque95 Nm40 Nm
Max Speed28 mph22 mph
Range95 miles 25 miles
Battery48V 12ah48V 11ah
BrakesHydraulic BrakeMechanical Brake
SeatpostSuspensionNon-suspenion seatpost
GearInternal Hub Gear Shimano NexusShimano Standard Gear
StemAdjustable StemNon Adjustable Stem
MudguardFront & RearFront & Rear
ChaincoverHaveDon't Have
FrontlightHaveDon't have
RearlightHaveDon't have
SensorTorque + CadenceCadence
Weight47.5 lbs52 lbs
Price$ 1,599$ 1,599


Ariel Rider is offering a mid-drive motor. Actually, Ariel Rider is offering the most powerful mid-drive motor in the market.

We all know mid-drives are the latest generation of electric bike motors. Their unique design, gearing system let them provide higher power, torque compared to hub motors. Also let them work more efficiently. This efficiency let mid-drive e-bikes to go for longer range compared to the hub motor. You can learn more about the mid-drive motor here.

Another advantage of the mid-drive motor is maintenance. For example, if you have a flat tire on hub motor like E-lux Sierra, it is very painful and time consuming to change the tire. In a mid-drive motor, you can do maintenance on your electric bicycle like a normal bicycle.

Mid Drive Folding electric bike


Brakes are one of the most important parts used in electric bikes especially for safety.

Hydraulic brakes provide a much better stopping performance for those reasons;

  • It is a closed system (everything is sealed) so won’t be affected by dust and dirt as much as mechanical brakes. So moving parts in hydraulic brakes are almst maintenance free
  • Mechanical brakes have the disadvantage of friction where hydraulic will eliminate.
  • Easier to operate hydraulic brakes, where you can apply more force to your pads. This means higher actually much higher braking power.
  • Mechanical Brake used in E lux Sierra works on one pad only. As the rotor wears out you need to do the alignment. Hydraulic uses on two pads so even rotor is wear out it will be still aligned

You can learn more about Hydraulic brakes here.

Lightweight E lux Ariel Rider


Folding electric bikes such as e lux may seem very attractive but they have some serious flows.

  • Require More Maintenance
  • Heavier because of Hinge System
  • Riding is bumpier due to resonance on the folding part.
  • Not Still Like a Normal Bike
  • Cabling is outside the frame which makes them vulnerable.
  • You will see a loss of efficiency in riding because of flex at folding joint.

But a small 20″ wheel electric bike has its own advantages.

  • Better Acceleration due to smaller wheel size.
  • Lightweight. Easier to load to car rack
  • Easier to Store . Can put inside elevator or next to your office desk
  • Easier to maneuver
  • Perfect for ” multi-modal” transportation
  • Perfect for commuting
  • Have a Higher Loading Capacity compared to Conventional Folding Bike
  • As it takes less space you can keep next to you so no need to worry about theft. (Ariel Rider Has on frame lock system)
Compact electric bike

Pros of Ariel Rider

Ariel Rider is offering a powerful Mid Drive Motor compared to Hub Motor offered by E Lux Sierra electric bike.

  • Hub motors offer only a single gear ratio.
  • Not efficient because of using single gear ratio. Low efficiency means riding for shorter range.
  • Hub motors are heavier.
  • Weight distribution isn’t even. This causes sacrifice on the handling of the bike.
  • Maintenance and tire changing is more difficult in hub motors. Need to disconnect and connect cables and wires.

To Learn More about Advantages of Mid-Drive click here

As Ariel Rider is using a high end Japanese motor with higher torque (95 Nm), it has a much higher top speed.

Ariel Rider top speed is 28 mph (where legally allowed)

E Lux Electric bike top speed is 22 mph.

Ariel Rider Has almost 3 times the range E lux has. This is no surprise due to those factors.

  • Ariel Rider has a bigger battery
  • Mid Drive motor is more efficient than hub motors. That is why range of Ariel Rider is more than E lux folding bike.

To Learn more about how to extend the range on your battery click here.

Ariel Rider is lighter than Tern Vektron electric bike. But has bigger loading capacity.

Easier for seniors or people who have certain injuries to get on and off the bike.

Fat tire bikes have a higher downtube which makes it more difficult to get on and off.

Ariel Rider has a lower stand over height. This is very useful for shorter people or people who have difficulty on sitting their electric bike in steady position.

Ariel Rider offers adjustable stem and suspension seat post.

They will make your rides more comfortable.

When you buy Ariel Rider, you will get those parts

  • Torque Sensor + Cadence Sensor
  • Front Light
  • Rear Light
  • Adjustable Stem
  • Internal Hub Gear
  • Suspension Seat post

Pros of E Lux Electric Folding Bike

Fat Tire and Suspension Fork provide better ride on terrain

E lux Sierra is a folding electric bike. So being foldable has certain advantages in terms of volume it occupies.

But it has some drawback too . Folding mechanism make these bikes both more vulnerable and heavier.

You can buy your E-lux directly from store.


Summary of “Compare E Lux Sierra and Ariel Rider M-Class “

We can summarize the advantages of Ariel Rider M-Class electric bike over Sierra E Lux folding bike are here

  • Have a stronger motor.
  • Price is same but offer more
  • More efficient motor and bigger battery pack. Long Range on your e-bike
  • Adjustable height of seat and stem.
  • Better quality accessories;

This article is to give you an unbiased review and comparison of both electric bikes. One is a folding electric bike and other is a small compact electric bike. This is a review and comparison of both models based on the website specs.

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