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  • My ebike not only help me do deliveries for my business but also help me to get back in shape.
  • Since I got my W-Class last summer, we bought 2 more.1 for my wife and 1 for my brother. I think that about sums up how much we love Ariel Rider ebikes!
  • Just when you think your childhood dreams are washed away with all modern designs in the market, Ariel Rider re-creates that magic you've been craving for.Great acceleration, great craftsmanship.Thank you, Arda and Berk, for making the delivery personally and taking such good care of your clients.

  • After my knee surgery, my doctor suggested that I look into electric bicycles as an option.After getting my W-Class, my knee recovery has been going great.Since I'm 62, I can't cycle like I used to, so when I'm tired or my knee starts to hurt, I start using the throttle - or when there's a hill-But all in all, it's been a great help and an incredible joy to ride.
  • Upon moving on the side of a notorious San Francisco hill, I had to give up my beloved cruiser.Having the N-500 ebike made the hill a breeze. Helped me to build up my strength again.

  • It's quite amazing how fast I can go on my ebike.
    JosephineRandom Stranger

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Alexander's Review For N-500 Premium

This great gentleman is a lawyer from Chicago and living in the very downtown of LA. Before his test ride with Ariel Rider electric bicycle, he has never actually tried e-bikes before and he’s not much of a bicycle rider anyway. But that’s the challenge we’d like to take.

Getting on an Ariel Rider Ebike and not smiling is about impossible, we dare you! One of the many questions we get is, “I’m 6’2″, would I fit in your e-bikes?”, I think this video will demonstrate how comfortable you can ride an Ariel Rider e-bike despite your height.

eBike Review Of Industry Guru Court Rye

“Beautiful touch points on the Premium model. The saddle is large and comfortable but also has the Ariel Rider name on it in cursive which looks classy, same thing with the display. I love the wing logo on the top tube in gold and the custom leather grips tie in perfectly. The W-Class model has a removable battery pack and quick release front wheel making it a lot easier to transport. I’m a fan of the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes because they offer tool-free rotor adjustment. You can use your fingers to twist the little red discs to fine tune the calipers as your pads wear down. Depending on where you live it’s wonderful to have full-length fenders and the color matching on the Ariel Rider e-bikes is spot on. The chain guard also matches and is a sort of custom thin guard which looks great. You get three color choices and all of them are sort of a matte satin finish that looks nice and more vintage. Those are red, black and beige. I absolutely love the integrated LED lights. Also, the tail light is wired in so it only lights up when you pull the brake levers. Nice display panel and control unit, it’s compact but the buttons are large and easy to reach without taking your hand of the left grip. The controls default to 0-6 pedal assist and you can override with twist throttle at any level! This is awesome for people who want a more scooter-like experience, the cadence sensor uses 12 magnets making it pretty responsive. The Ariel Rider W-Class uses a custom designed hydroformed Aluminum alloy frame that leverages a more standard “silverfish” style battery pack to bring the cost down. I think it looks great and appreciates that the wires are run through and even protected with plastic channels for the rear light.”

-Court Rye

When I first see the video of W class I really get interested in that e-bike. But I also had some concerns. The bike looks awesome and features of the bike were amazing. My skepticism came from the price point.

Similar bikes with similar configuration or sometimes lower configuration were priced around $4000 while this bike was almost half the price of others. I am a skeptic person of nature so I made some research and everything seem fine with the bike.

In the end, I decided to give a test ride. I contacted a nearby dealer for a test ride. I was planning to buy a Vintage electric e-bike but if this bike is half as good as they claim I can buy two e-bikes one for me and one for my wife.

My favorite was the Red W-class. The matt color gave a very classy feeling to the bike as if it came from the 1960s. The owner of the store was kind enough to let me have a test ride of one hour.

Firstly, I must admit that I am deeply impressed with the leather works. They look like famous Brooks. It gives a true vintage and quality feeling to you which you experience in the old “Indian” motorcycles.

Riding position as usual in most cruisers was very comfortable which add on the experience. But none of them the point I am impressed most. The motor and performance of the e-bike. The motor is surely quieter than the ones I tried such as italjet or vintage electric but also very powerful. I reached the speed of 30 miles at no time. The brakes were very solid so I had no problem to ride at those speeds. For me, the most fun part was not reaching high speeds but climbing uphill like a champion without dropping a sweat. This is very important for me as I am thinking to use my e-bike on daily basis and there are more than few climbs I need to do.

When I decide to take some photos of the bike, another guy approached me to take photos of the bike. It was so nice to see more than few eyes stare at me while riding. If you are comfortable with interest, this bike will give a little experience of a “rock star” with eyes on you.

It was one of the best trades I made together with my wife. As it becomes part of our weekend routine to be able to cycle together. While doing some workout, we are having an amazing fun together.

Meet our friend Rick and watch his Ariel Rider electric bike review.

The best part of giving the bike to a person who has never ridden an e-bike is without a question that smiles when they first start pedaling. You should also test one today and see how much easier an e-bike can make your life. With an average of 3 new dealers/month across the US, be sure that we’ll be in your city soon! If you’re also interested in going for a test ride on an electric bike, please contact your local e-bike shop or just send us an email at info@arielrider.com.

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