Pedego vs. Ariel Rider

Pedego vs. Ariel Rider
Ariel Rider

Compare Pedego Interceptor to Ariel Rider W Class Premium

Electric bike market is crowded and some players in market benefit from early entrance to the market. This sometimes goes to an extent where prices reach to an unbelievable amount. If you have thousands of dollars to throw away the rest of the story won’t be that interesting for you. For those who are careful about spending their hard earned money, we want to share some information to help them make a reasonable purchasing decision.

We all agree electric bikes are cool but you can end up buying an e-bike which will break easily or won’t perform well. This push most of us to make our purchases from well know brands. But do their prices worth it?

Why Pay $1000 More For An Inferior Bike?

Bob from Monterey bought a W-Class Premium and told “ I’ve got two Mercedes, however, my new Ariel Rider is my favorite vehicle” 2 weeks after his purchase. And you can see a small footage of his first impression after he tries his bike.

Let’s compare Ariel Rider W Premium with Pedego Platinum Interceptor.


Ariel Rider W Premium is priced at $2199.00 for 48V12ah battery option. Pedego Platinum Interceptor is priced at $3,795.00 for 48V10ah battery option. The difference is almost at price of another e-bike. So there must be something extra they are providing.

Or check extra battery options. Ariel Rider offers 48V18ah battery e-bike at $2399 and Pedego offers 48v 15ah battery option for $4095. Even Ariel Rider offers much bigger battery, the money asked from the customer is much more reasonable.

Ariel Rider offers 48V12 ah battery which has a mic. connector. The other one has a 48V10ah battery with a dc connector. So Ariel Rider is better both in terms of pricing, capacity, range, and structure of the battery. As we know the battery is the most critical part of e-bike and most expensive part here there is a clear winner.

To make a better conclusion, let’s check points.

W-Class Premium 1 – Pedego Interceptor 0

So… It’s not the battery that causes this price difference…

Is it the design that causing this price difference?

It must have an exciting, innovative and better design. Let’s examine.



Pedego Interceptor


Ariel Rider W-Class Premium

We have reasons to believe that Ariel Rider has a better design with a unique look which will attract more attention while riding. But looks are based on likes of people so it is not fair to make a clear judgment. No points checked.

W-Class Premium 1 – Pedego Interceptor 0


Does Interceptor ($3795) bike has a better motor than a W-Class Premium ($2199) e-bike?

Dapu E-Bike Motor

Ariel Rider offers 48V 500W Dapu motor. Pedego offers 48V 500W Dapu Motor. As it is 100% same motor, there is nothing different between these two motors. They are identical motors in terms of structure, build, specifications or performance. No points checked.

W-Class Premium 1 – Pedego Interceptor 0


Both bikes offer Hydraulic Disc Brakes. But Ariel Rider offers the latest Tektro Dorado HD-715 which is the best hydraulic disc brake in the market for an e-bike. For extra safety, these brakes have sensors in the lever. Once you squeeze the brake, they will send a message to the controller and cuts the power of the motor. This gives extra safety for your rides. At brakes, Ariel Rider wins with a slight difference.

Tektro HD-E715

W-Class Premium 2 – Pedego Interceptor 0


With a powerful motor, gears aren’t that critical but still, it plays a role in the overall performance. Pedego offers a 10-speed gear while Ariel Rider offers 7 gears. So here Pedego wins.

W-Class Premium 2 – Pedego Interceptor 1


Ariel Rider offers torque sensor. This is very important when you are pedaling. This will measure the force you apply to pedals and give boost according to your need.

Power On Demand Torque Sensor

Once you pedal stronger, your e-bike will understand and give an extra boost. Same applies when you are climbing uphill too. Torque Sensor basically makes you feel your legs are like 10 times stronger than it is. Without a single doubt, Ariel Rider is the clear winner.

W-Class Premium 3 – Pedego Interceptor 1

Saddle & Grip

W-Premium comes with handmade leather saddle and grip. As we know leather products will get the shape of your body and they will be more comfortable as you use it. Pedego Interceptor comes with Faux leather saddle and grips which we offer in our entry-level products. In terms of comfort, durability and looks Ariel Rider here is winning too.

W-Class Premium 4 – Pedego Interceptor 1

Handmade Leather Saddle



Both bikes come with an integrated front light. It is a draw here. However, things change when we talk about the rear light. W-Premium offers integrated rear light with an on/off switch on the display screen in sync with front light. With the Pedego Interceptor, you have to turn the rear light from battery manually. Also, W-Premium offers brake light function which is very important for your safety while driving in traffic.
So Ariel Rider wins here with a big margin.

W-Class Premium 5 – Pedego Interceptor 1


Both offer balloon tires perfect for beach and road rides. We can say that it’s a draw here.

W-Class Premium 5 – Pedego Interceptor 1


Ariel Rider offers standard front and rear mudguard, on the other hand, it is optional at Pedego. Even you live in a fairly dry area mudguards can be handy which will prevent any stone to hit you. They not only keep you clean but also safe too. Another +1 for the W-Class Premium.

Electric bike market is getting more mature now and there are better alternatives of companies which offer more for less.

After reading this article, if you still want to pay $1600 more for a bike which offers less, we are sorry that we wasted your time.

If not, we are happy to help you make a reasonable purchasing decision.

Final Score: W-Class Premium 6 – Pedego Interceptor 1

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    [dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]Class is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating vintage electric bike on the beach. With unparalleled performance delivered through Ariel Riders’s unique, all-electric power on demand, W Class electric beach cruiser accelerates from 0 to 30 mph in seconds. W Class now features LED adaptive headlamps. Besides enhancing the already great styling, they also boost safety levels of cyclists!