Rad Power RadMini vs Ariel Rider M-Class. Which is the best Electric Bike ?

Maybe you are looking to buy an electric folding bike or a small electric bike and you want to compare your options. You can check here where we compare Rad Power RadMini vs Ariel Rider M Class.

Ariel Rider is the best value electric bike in the market which is approved by many independent test and electric bike review sites. We compare two of the most popular mini electric bikes in the market.

Below you will see the comparison of Rad Power Rad Mini vs Ariel Rider M-Class . Also, you will see the pros and cons of Ariel Rider in the last part.

Compare Rad Power Rad Mini vs Ariel Rider M-Class
Compare Rad Power RadMini



Motor Type

Motor Brand

Motor Torque Power

Max Speed










Rear Light






Dapu - JAPAN

95 Nm

28 mph

90 miles

48V 12Ah

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Suspension Seatpost

Shimano Nexus Internal Hub Gear

Easy Adjustable Stem

Standard have

Standard have


Have (Wired to e-bike battery)


Cadence & Torque Sensor

49 lbs

$ 1,599


Hub Motor

Bafang - CHINA

65 Nm

20 mph

30 miles

48V 14Ah

Mechanical Disc Brake

Solid Seatpost

Shimano Tourney

Fix Stem

Don't have. Optional for $89

Don't have


Have (Work with 3A Battery)


Cadence Sensor

63.7 lbs

$ 1,499

Pros of Ariel Rider

Better Weight Distribution

More Efficient Motor

Higher Torque = More Powerful

Better Hill Climbing Power

To Learn More about Advantages of Mid-Drive click here

Ariel Rider Can go 28 mph (where legally allowed).

Ariel Rider Has almost 2.5 x more range.

To Learn more about how to extend the range on your battery click here.

Ariel Rider Comes with Standard Hydraulic Brake.

Advantages of Hydraulic Brake and why you need it ?

Around 13 lbs lighter than Rad Power

Ariel Rider offers both Cadence and Torque Sensor.

You can learn comparison of torque sensor with cadence sensor here.

Suspension Seatpost absorbs shocks when you ride the e-bike

Easier for seniors or people who have certain injuries to get on and off the bike.

Cons of Ariel Rider

Fat Tire and Suspension Fork provide better ride on terrain

Rad Power initial Price is cheaper but it lacks parts like mudguard, chain cover, torque sensor. And offer a more simple motor system "hub motor"

Rad Mini offers USB on their display to charge your phone

Rad Power Radmini is a folding electric bike. So being foldable has certain advantages in terms of volume it occupies. Unfortunately Rad mini isn't that compact due to the fat tires it has. Also Folding Electric bikes are more fragile due to the folding mechanism and weights heavier.

If you are looking for an electric folding fat bike Rad Mini can be an interesting option for you. You just need to know cons about it.

Summary of "Compare Rad Power Rad Mini and Ariel Rider M-Class "

We can summarize the advantages of Ariel Rider M-Class electric bike here

  • Mid-drive motors are more powerful compared to hub motor no matter what wattage power they show. It is because of internal gears. You can learn more about it here.
  • Because of a very efficient mid-drive system, Ariel Rider offers a longer range with a single full charge.
  • For a compact bike weight and size are very important so that you can lift and carry very easily.
  • Ariel Rider offers more for a similar price with a more advanced motor, hydraulic brake, gears and more standard accessories.

This isn't a radmini review and we advise you to check reviews of both bikes 3rd party websites . Here you can check Ariel Rider M-Class ebike review.

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