Save $2700 on your Pedego interceptor

Pedego is one of the leading electric bike companies in USA. You are looking to buy one of the best electric bike ” Pedego interceptor Platinum“. But what if we tell, you have a better option for $2,700 cheaper.

Read for 2 minutes about the comparison of Pedego Interceptor, Pedego Comfort Cruiser, and Ariel Rider W-Class.  Without doubt 3 of the most popular electric beach cruisers in Market.


Ariel Rider is the best value electric cruiser bike in the market which is approved by many independent test and electricbikereview sites. Below let’s compare Ariel Rider electric bike specifications and Pedego electric bikes.

W-Class-Premium-Red-Front-view-electric beach cruiser electric bikepedego interceptor platinum comparsionpedego comfort cruiser comparison
Bike TypeElectric Cruiser BikeElectric Cruiser BikeElectric Cruiser Bike
Motor Type
Hub MotorHub MotorHub Motor
Motor BrandDapuDapuDapu
Direct Drive
Motor Power750W 48V500 W 48V500 W 36V
Motor Torque75 Nm60Nm45 Nm
Range90 miles 70 miles45 miles
Battery48V 18Ah48V 15ah36V 15ah
BrakesHydraulic Disc BrakeHydraulic Disc BrakeMechanical Disc Brake
Gear7 Speed Shimano10 Speed Shimano6 Speed Shimano
StemEasy Adjustable Stem (Tool Free)Adjustable Stem (need tools) Non-Adustable Stem
MudguardFront & RearNo Mudguard
(Extra $49)
No Mudguard
(Extra $49)
FrontlightHave (Spanninga)Have (Spanninga)Don't have
RearlightHaveDon't haveDon't have
SensorTorque (Dapu)Torque (Dapu)Cadence
Weight57 lbs 61.2 lbs59 lbs
ForkSpringer ForkSuspension ForkSolid Fork
DisplayLCDLCDNo Display
Frame 6061 Alloy (Double Heat Treated)6061 Alloy6061 Alloy
Price$ 1,799$ 4,490$ 2,595


When check specifications Ariel Rider offers same components with Pedego Interceptor. And for some components, Ariel Rider is better than Pedego Interceptor electric beach cruiser such as the motor (750W vs 500W), battery (18Ah vs 15ah). And for other parts, Pedego offers better components such as gear, tire.

But when we check the price Pedego is Almost $2,000 more expensive than Ariel Rider. That is a big difference. Ariel Rider is very affordable compared to Pedego.

Instead of buying one Pedego Interceptor you can buy two Ariel Rider W-Premium and still have extra $195 in your pocket which you can use to buy pannier bags or rear rack from us.


All three electric bikes are using Dapu Electric bike motor. Dapu is known as the top electric bike hub motor. The difference between the three is the motor power.

Ariel Rider is offering 750W hub motor compared to 500W hub motor by Pedego Interceptor or Comfort Cruiser.

Also, Comfort Cruiser is offering only 36V Hub motor. Motor Voltage is determining the max speed of the electric bike.

So, without a doubt, Ariel Rider is a much more powerful electric bike when compared to Pedego.

PEDEGO interceptor alternative


The battery is the most expensive part of an electric bike. When we compare those 3 models.

Ariel Rider is offering 48V 18 ah battery which is 864Wh .

Pedego Interceptor high-end model offers 48V15 ah battery which is 720Wh.

Pedego Comfort Cruiser is offering only 36V10ah battery which is 360Wh.

Ariel Rider offers more than 200% bigger battery compared to the cheapest Pedego. And Even the cheapest Pedego model is $500 more expensive.

Ariel Rider still offers 20% larger battery compared to top Pedego Interceptor model which means you can go 20% more distance. And the price of an Ariel Rider is only $1799 while Pedego is for $4,490.00 .

Instead of buying a Pedego Interceptor you can easily buy 2 Ariel Rider W-Premium (which is faster, more powerful and have longer range) and you will still save $890 in your pocket.


Maybe you are under the impression to get more components or more accessories when you are buying such expensive electric beach cruiser.

Ariel Rider is offering FREE FRONT AND REAR MUDGUARDS. And for Pedego models you need to pay to get your mudguards.

Pedego also doesn’t have a front light on Comfort Cruiser model which is a deal breaker at this price point.

And for components, Ariel Rider is offering same or even better accessories such as torque sensor, Front

Electric Beach Cruiser

Pros of Ariel Rider

More powerful hub motor (750 watt)

Better climbing power

More responsive.

Pedego’s cheapest model is $2350 and closest rival to W-premium is priced at $4490.

Ariel Rider is offering the top model for only $1799.

As you buy your Ariel Rider direct from the seller you can save more on your electric bike. You don’t need to pay high costs of “middleman” fees such as to stores, distributors,etc…

We do our best to cut all “unnecessary” costs to offer the best value to you.

Ariel Rider Can go 28 mph (where legally allowed). Pedego can go only for 20 mph.

Ariel Rider has around 20% – 240% more battery capacity compared to Pedego battery.

To Learn more about how to extend the range on your battery click here.

Ariel Rider is lighter than Tern Vektron electric bike. But has bigger loading capacity.

Easier for seniors or people who have certain injuries to get on and off the bike.

Ariel Rider has a lower stand over height. This is very useful for shorter people or people who have difficulty on sitting their electric bike in steady position.

You get more free accessories with Ariel Rider such as

  • Mudguards
  • LCD Display
  • Torque Sensor
Ariel Rider Adjustable Stem

Pros of Pedego

This is true for only Pedego Interceptor. It offers Schwalbe tires and Mag. Wheels.

Pedego has a nationwide store network. You can buy directly from the store and can get your bike fully assembled.

This shall not be a deal breaker as Ariel Rider is offering bikes almost fully assembled. You can check here how easy it is to assemble e-bike.


Summary of “Compare Pedego Electric Bİke and Ariel Rider W-Premium “

We can summarize the advantages of Ariel Rider W electric bike over top electric beach cruisers of Pedego electric bikes

  • Have a stronger motor.
  • Price is less than half
  • Bigger Battery Pack
  • Include more accessories mudguard, adjustable stem, etc…

This article is to give you an unbiased review and comparison of both electric bikes. If you are looking to buy an electric beach cruiser and decide which model to buy this article can give you some help.

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