Tern Vektron vs Ariel Rider Which electric folding bike is better ?

Tern Vektron is one of the best electric folding bikes in the market. They have a unique design and come with Bosch Mid drive Motor.

You may think can a $1599 electric bike be as good as $3499 priced electric bike (Tern Vektron)? Or maybe it is even a better electric bike with half the price tag.

We will review those two compact small electric bikes and compare their specifications.

You can check here where we compare Tern Vektron vs Ariel Rider M Class.


Ariel Rider is the best value electric bike in the market which is approved by many independent test and electricbikereview sites. Below let’s compare Ariel Rider electric bike specifications and Tern Vektron Specs.

Tern Vektron Review
Motor Type
Mid Drive MotorMid Drive Motor
Motor BrandDapuBosch Active Line Cruise
Motor Power500 W250W
Motor Torque95 Nm50 Nm
Range95 miles 50 miles
Battery48V 12ah36V 11ah
BrakesHydraulic BrakeHydraulic Brake
SeatpostSuspensionNon-suspenion seatpost
GearInternal Hub Gear Shimano NexusShimano Deore
StemAdjustable StemAdjustable Stem
MudguardFront & RearFront & Rear
FrontlightHaveDon't have
RearlightHaveDon't have
SensorTorque + CadenceTorque + Cadence
Weight47.5 lbs49.4 lbs
Price$ 1,599$ 3,499


Tern Vektron is using Bosch Active Line motor. It is entry level Bosch mid drive motor. Ariel Rider is using Dapu Mid Drive motor.

To give a small comparison Bosch provide max speed of 20 mph and Dapu provides 28 mph top speed (where legally allowed).

Motor torque shows the similar difference as Bosch electric bike provides 50 Nm torque while Ariel Rider M-Class provides 95 Nm torque.

Both motors are responsive as Bosch measures pedal cadence and torque 1000 times per second and Dapu measures 1200 times per second.

Those let you feel your electric bike is very responsive. Also you can learn more about the advantages of mid drive motor here .


Tern Vektron is an electric folding bike and most of such e-bikes have an adjustable stem. For Tern Vektron you need a special accessory to adjust the position of the stem “Andros Stem” system.

This can be annoying not to have a standard adjustable stem where you can’t adjust the “ideal” riding position for yourself.

Tern Vektron Electric folding bike


Ariel Rider has a much larger loading capacity even it is lighter than Tern Vektron. Because electric folding bikes have some limitations due to their structure and geometry you can’t have enough loading capacity

Cargo E-bike

Pros of Ariel Rider

More powerful mid drive motor

Better climbing power

More responsive.

To Learn More about Advantages of Mid-Drive click here

Ariel Rider Can go 28 mph (where legally allowed). Tern Vektron electric bike can go 20 mph which is faster than other brands like flux electric bike.

This is because of motor power in both models

Ariel Rider Has almost double range. Main Reason is Ariel Rider has a much larger battery compared to Tern Vektron.

To Learn more about how to extend the range on your battery click here.

Ariel Rider is lighter than Tern Vektron electric bike. But has bigger loading capacity.

Suspension Seatpost absorbs shocks when you ride the e-bike.

Tern Vektron comes with a solid seatpost. Most folding electric bikes have such seatpost to make the folding size smaller.

Easier for seniors or people who have certain injuries to get on and off the bike.

Ariel Rider has a lower stand over height. This is very useful for shorter people or people who have difficulty on sitting their electric bike in steady position.

Tern Vektron price is $3499 and Ariel Rider price is only $1599.

There are several reasons for it.

You can buy Tern from Tern Vektron dealers but Ariel Rider is sold directly to the customer.

As we cut the middleman we reflect all cost savings to our customers so you can get a better bike at a reasonable price.

Pros of Tern Vektron

Tern Vektron electric folding bike offers Schwalbe tires. They are better than Maxxis. Schwalbe are famous for their high end tires.

Tern Vektron is a folding electric bike. So being foldable has certain advantages in terms of volume it occupies.

Folding mechanism make these bikes both more vulnerable and heavier.

There is totally a convenience about buying directly from a store. Tern bikes have a wide range of stores where you can buy your assembled e-bike, can do a test ride.


Summary of “Compare Tern Vektron and Ariel Rider M-Class “

We can summarize the advantages of Ariel Rider M-Class electric bike over Tern Vektron Electric folding bike are here

  • Have a stronger motor.
  • Price is less than half of Tern Vektron
  • More efficient motor and bigger battery pack. Long Range on your e-bike
  • Adjustable height of seat and stem.
  • Better quality accessories; Metal basket compared to the Plastic basket.

This article is to give you an unbiased review and comparison of both electric bikes. One is a folding electric bike and other is a small compact electric bike. This isn’t a Tern Vektron Review.

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