C-Class Electric Bike


Looking as good as it rides, our C-Class (C stands for City and Cargo) electric motorized bicycle is your reason to use it for daily commuting. Even if you have got a bag, newspapers or a cup of coffee in hand, you can still cruise around town on our cheap electric bicycle stylishly. Beautifully combining speed with ease, safety, and affordability, the C-Class electric motorized bike is definitely one of the best electric bikes for daily office commute and weekend grocery runs. 

  • The most powerful 750W hub motor in the market: lets you cruise at high speed effortlessly
  • Hydraulic disc brakes: reliable brake performance on the fastest electric bikes
  • Adjustable stem: for the best fit, comfort, and control
  • 350lbs cargo capacity (rear rack): 15x more than the industry average
  • LED front-rear lights and rear brake lights: utmost illumination and safety in low light conditions
  • Bamboo front basket with cup holder: provides space for your things
  • Double kickstand: for utmost stability
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Tektro Dorado 715

Tektro Dorado 715 Hydraulic Disc Brake is designed to provide best brake performance for the fastest electric bikes. At Ariel Rider, we are proud not only to have the most powerful electric bikes but also to have best brakes in electric bike market. You can always trust the brake performance of Tektro Dorado no matter your speed, weight and even go downhill they will perform best each and every time.

front basket

Bamboo Front Basket

Not only we’ve tried to make C-Class one of the most versatile electric motorized bike in the market, we’ve also tried to address some of the daily needs of regular commuters with eco-conscious minds.
• We’ve used bamboo as it’s one of the most sustainable woods available.
• An embedded cup holder to fit any size cups for those days when you need the extra kick.
• We’ve kept the sides of the rack completely empty in order to allow users to fit wider cargo on the front rack.
• 2 bungee ropes and 5 different attachment points allow riders to fix larger or smaller items on their bike’s front basket.
• Size matters! Or so we’ve heard. So we made our front basket according to most common pizza box dimensions. So that you don’t need to worry about carrying your pizza in a weird way back home.

Torque sensor

Power On Demand

While designing new Ariel Rider C-Class electric motorized bikes, we wanted to make riding an electric motorized bike a joy, without compromising on the feeling on cycling as in other electric bikes. That’s why we’ve developed -patent pending- POD system. What it does is pretty amazing; it measures how much force you’re applying to the pedals, checks the terrain conditions, and gives the optimal power you need for an unparalleled riding experience. With this new POD technology, you’ll never have to compromise from the joy of riding a bicycle while cruising around town with ease.


500W has an astonishing max speed of 30 mph and incredible acceleration capabilities -all thanks to highest in class torque(55Nm), you’ll never need your car ever again. This motor is equipped with a twist-throttle on the right-side of your handlebar, and an additional Pedal Assist System. So you can enjoy riding a bike with Pedal Assist Mode, while cruising at high speeds without breaking a sweat, or you can just use it as a traditional motorcycle without pedaling.

Easy Adjustable Stem

The versatile and effective Promax Adjustable Handlebar Stem offers just the right fit. The handlebar stem is adjustable from 90 to 160 degrees and includes spacers for 22.2 and 25.4 millimeter stems. It offers an alloy construction for durability. You don’t need any tool to adjust the right position for your self.

cargo bike rear rack

Innovative Rear rack design sets itself apart from other electric motorized bikes. The rear rack is not assembled but integrated into the frame. You can carry loads up to 300 lbs on the rear rack which is 15 times more than industry average.


BATTERY48V 13 Ah batterySENSORPOD Torque Sensor
MOTOR500W nominal 900W peak motor (80 nM Torque)FRONT LIGHTSpanninga 20 lux
CONTROLLER48v 18ampREAR LIGHTRear light + Brake Light Spanninga
CHARGER48V 2ah smart charger with cell balancing featureWIRINGWater Resisstant
DISPLAYBacklit LCD with Charge Indicator, Self DiagnosticsTHROTTLEHalf Twist Throttle


BRAKESTektro Hydraulic Disc BrakesPEDALWellgo Steel

Hydraulic Disc Brake with Cut-Off FunctionREAR RACKIntegrated rear rack to the frame. 300lbs capacity.
GEARShimano Altus 7 SpeedSHIFTERShimano
FORKSolid ForkSTEMPromax Easy Adjustable Stem
FENDERSFront & Rear Mudguards with Double Holders. SPOKES13g Spokes
FRAMEAL 6061 Double Heat Treated Frame.RIMDouble Wall Al. Rims
SADDLEVelo Plush, extra wide, memory foam TYREBlack Maxxis 26x2.35 balloon tyres
GRIPSComfortable Velo GripsTOOLSOne Set of Assembly tools, Extra Touch-up paint
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46” 18.5” 21 ” 23.5 ”

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Weight 3 lbs
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